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The Data Layer is I believe a pretty well known concept these days. But at the same moment, there is no widely accepted convention for using it. Most of the time we choose from the following tools that already include their own implementation/specification: Google Tag Manager (probably the most used solution) Tealium (another commonly used Tag Management solution)   …Continue Reading

UPDATE: This article became pretty old, so I wouldn’t recommend using any of these ideas in practice, but you may read this to explore some possibilities that you may not consider before. DISCLAIMER: This is an experiment to test a very specific configuration of Adobe’s tools. I wouldn’t recommend using this unless you are very   …Continue Reading

I decided to write a series of blog posts about traffic sources performance evaluation in Adobe Analytics (formerly SiteCatalyst), because I haven’t met a single client that would fully understand about what is going on here. To understand the current mess in traffic sources reports one must go through the history of these reports since   …Continue Reading